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The Company

Global Group
of Companies
Consortium, Incorporated

The Global Group Consortium is an investment holding firm located at the heart of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines. Their subsidiary companies ranges from Industrial/Commercial Leasing, to Maritime, Hotel and Leisure Properties.


The Global Group of Companies provides comprehensive business management solutions through investments, purchase or acquisition of shares of stocks from domestic corporations, company or partnership shares, merge and manage firms directly or indirectly or through other corporations insofar as may be permitted by law.


Under the leadership of the Global Group of Companies, three major investments flourished in Subic Bay, they are Global Terminals and Development Incorporated (GTI), Global Maritime Logistics Support Incorporated (GML) and Global Hotel and Leisure Properties Incorporated (GHL).

Global MaritimeLogistics Support, Inc.
Leasing & Properties
Global Terminals & Development
Hotels & Suites
Global Hotel & Leisure Properties

Global Maritime Logistics Support Incorporated (GML)

is an international naval and maritime logistics provider, equipment rentals and food supplier for wet and dry provisions. GML is listed by the US Army Institute of Public Health in the Worldwide Directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for US Armed Forces Procurement.

Global Terminals and Development Incorporated (GTI) is one of the biggest property developers and leasing companies in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, GTI is also the Port Facility Operator and Manager of the former US Navy Ship Repair Facility (SRF Compound – Alava, Rivera and Bravo Piers) in Subic Bay, providing all port equipment, manpower, cargo handling, warehousing and waste disposal and recovery for all types of vessels.

Segara Villas and Segara Suites is a serene boutique hotel located in a secluded lush and green area of Subic Bay. Decorated in modern Asian design, the stylish lodgings are housed in a peaceful private recreational facility, providing a much deserved break from the hectic city life. Sophisticated interiors showcase Balinese accents combined with contemporary yet homey touches. Perfect for a honeymoon weekend or as a family home base while exploring the various activities around Subic Bay, it is your top choice if you're looking for a hotel in Subic Bay. 

Established in 2012, the Seven Sails Global Foundation Incorporated is a Philippine-based, Non-Profit, and Non-Government Organization primarily aimed at giving, assistance and sustainable development to the under privileged in the Philippines regardless of ethnicity, religion, political affiliations and gender.


Seven Sails positively responds to the needs of disaster victims, provides community development programs, nutrition augmentation programs, medical missions and women empowerment in remote barrios and islands within the Philippines.

Accelerated business development and industry interlinking is the key to our success and this is what we intend to do with all the major business in the Zone who wish to create a better value for their investment.

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